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NAACP Arlington Branch donates $60,000 to EcoAction Arlington to further tree equity in historically underserved neighborhoods

Press Release - May 18, 2023
Today the local branch of the oldest and largest civil rights organization in America announced a $60,000 charitable contribution to EcoAction Arlington, which was founded in 1978 and whose mission focuses on encouraging environmentally-friendly behaviors, ensuring environmental justice, and addressing the climate crisis. The NAACP selected EcoAction Arlington through a strategic grant and partnership from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which has more than 17 million members and churches in over 30,000 locations across 160 countries and territories. While Arlington is the smallest self-governing county in America, disparities continue to impact communities of color in disparate ways. “Arlington has a 10 year life expectancy difference amongst its neighborhoods, and this donation will create focus and provide much needed tree canopy in places that have, for decades, been left out of the conversation,” said Branch President Michael Hemminger.

NAACP National on the Missing Middle Housing Proposal 

Letter from NAACP National to County Board - March 14, 2023

NAACP National has decided to weigh in on the Missing Middle Housing Proposal by way of the General Counsel. This a powerful inquiry and one not often seen by branches at the local level.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (“NAACP”), the oldest civil rights organization in the nation, has become aware of recent amendments to Arlington’s proposed rezoning initiative. This rezoning initiative disproportionately negatively affects Black residents. Rather, Arlington’s original rezoning plan would put affordable rental and home-ownership in Arlington in reach of Black and other community members of color.

Law Enforcement Community Oversight Board Memorandum of Understanding

Letter from NAACP Arlington Branch to County Board - February 20, 2023

In 2021, the Arlington County Board established the Community Oversight Board (COB) to improve transparency, accountability, and community trust in the Arlington County Police Department (ACPD). The COB will have the ability to independently receive, investigate, and make recommendations in response to complaints from the community. The ordinance also calls for an accompanying Independent Policing Auditor to support the work of the COB.

The Community Oversight Board, which was appointed in spring 2022, consists of seven voting members and two non-voting members with prior experience in law enforcement. All COB members are residents of Arlington, are appointed by the County Board, and reflect the demographic diversity of the County.

Inequity and Illegality in Restrictions to the Missing Middle Housing Proposal

Letter from NAACP Arlington Branch to County Board - February 1, 2023

The NAACP Arlington Branch (the “NAACP”) was stunned and deeply disappointed by the County Board’s recent decision to restrict the Missing Middle Housing proposal in ways that would deny attainable homes to people of color as compared to their white counterparts. On January 25, the County Board voted to advertise amendments to the Zoning Ordinance and General Land Use Plan that would legalize some forms of missing middle housing, but only after striking any option for dwellings of more than six homes and adding an option to limit dwellings of more than four homes to large lots. The NAACP fiercely opposes these restrictions and urges the County Board to enact only the set of options that will supply our community with the highest number of attainable homes across all of Arlington’s residential neighborhoods.

Missing Middle Housing Options

Letter from NAACP Arlington Branch to County Board - January 19, 2023

The NAACP Arlington Branch supports the goals of the Missing Middle Housing Study and is committed to ensuring the most equitable and inclusive outcome possible. We wrote the County Board to express which options presented in the County Manager’s January 13, 2023 request to advertise will best address Arlington County's history of racial discrimination and segregation, as well as provide additional housing opportunities to create a more diverse and prosperous community.

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